Monday, July 14, 2008

charmi in bikini

Charmy, who made her mark in tollywood with “Sri Anjaneyam” has done many films in south India. She gives her 100% to the film as she not only acts in the film, but also shows her shapes and curves to a large extent. Many films previously also banked on Charmy’s skin show and have made some money by showing her cleavage and thighs

Now in her latest film “16 days” she has done a lip to lip kissing scene with a new hero for some extra amount. In one of the scenes, she wore a white Kurta through which her black bra and black panty are clearly visible. It is reported that she has demanded 7 lacs for these scenes to be shot and from now on, will be ready to do anything for money. The cast and crew of her latest film have labeled Charmy as Telugu Mallika Sherawat as she has no calms in exposing to a large extent.

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Palvai said...

one must see dongala muta film for charmi's ass show.